Window World of Memphis Reviews

Hear what our clients are saying.

These are actual testimonial letters received in our Memphis office from customers throughout our region who had a diverse range of needs.

“I am writing to tell you of the appreciation I have for the services, courtesies, and workmanship I received from your crew who installed my windows this past Thursday.

It is a generally accepted norm that it is unusual to find workers, especially a whole crew, who are dedicated to the idea of doing a job to the best of their capabilities, and not simply for the financial benefits received by having a job. In Angela, Ty and Scott you have some wonderful employees. From the time they arrived at my home they were about the business of installing my windows. They did not sit or stand around, nor spend time chatting or gossiping, nor indulging in telephone conversations. No. They were here to do a job — and that is what they did, and from what I can see, they did it well.

I must also commend Ms. Alicia of your office who I asked for a copy of my contract with you as the one I was given earlier is illegible. I received the copy today by mail.

I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in need of Windows.”
–Arvis A. Latting

“I recently purchased my first home back in June. One of the selling points of the home was the fabulous new energy efficient windows from Window World. They have so many great features and I absolutely love them. I wanted to tell you that last month a car drove into the side of my new home going approximately 60 mph. It did quite a bit of damage to the bricks, frame, sheetrock, gas line, etc. She hit my house directly into one of the windows. The window didn’t even have a scratch on it. The of the house was crumbled around the window and it stood perfectly in place. It didn’t warp, bend, scratch, bow, or anything. I just thought I would let you know what a wonderful product you made! Kudos to Window World! Thank you!”
– Jessica Dickson

“I used WW of Memphis to replace 23 windows in my house about 20 months ago. I wanted to wait for at least all fours seasons befroe reviewing. Let me say that WW of Memphis’s installation crew was excellant. They were very professional and coureous. They could not have been better. As they were getting close to finishing I saw 3 screens that had small defects on them. As I was going out to mention it to them I ran in to one of the guys carrying 3 news screens. They had done their own check and saw what I saw. They replaced tehm without even being asked to. The quality of winodws, as a consumer, and not a window professional , they seem great to me. There are no drafts or fogging. After having these windows installed I am saving a lot of money on my energy bills and my hosue was never more comfortable. They also help to deaden nosies from outisde. They are a joy to operate and easy to clean. To sum it all up If I had to do it all over again I would still choose window world.”
– Tom Malloy

“The installers were courteous and explained in detail what they were going to do! I was impressed!”
– Randy M.

“Very satisfied with the job. I will recommend you to my friends.”
– Jim Sigonles

“Your installers were very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.”
– Dale Haney

“I would recommend your windows and quality of service to everyone. No question, Window World is the only way to go for the best and most affordable replacement windows! Excellent service!”
– Diana Abood

“Great Crew! Very knowledgeable and welcomed input from customer. We’ll definitely refer to any relatives or friends. Great Job!”
– Sornoza Froilan

“Everyone involved was fantastic, helpful and professional, and I recommended 2 people to Window World prior to installation.”
– Christen Cristel

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